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     Robert J. Shourot, owner of Underwater Adventures, founded Coastal Diving Academy, New York's oldest professional diver training school, in 1960.  Bob has trained thousands of divers in one of America's fastest growing water sports. If your interests are in spearfishing, exploring old shipwrecks and caves, treasure hunting, or underwater photography, Bob has the knowledge and experience to show you the safe way to have fun. Before you enter the field of diving, talk to him. He can't fail to help you!

     From comprehensive theory classes through pool training sessions and finally to open water, you will find yourself in a new and beautiful world -- a world of vividly colored fish unafraid of your intrusion.  They welcome the newcomer, and soon you are at home with them.  Using your newfound skills as a diver, you feel safe and secure.  Each dive will be a memorable experience shared by a very special breed of men and women -- DIVERS.

     When you learn to dive, you want a facility that has a fully-developed and diversified program. You want one with an outstanding reputation in sport diver training. That's Underwater Adventures! Our sport diving programs are available, including Advanced Open Water Diver, Master Diver, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, and Instructor.

     It is not just our staff and carefully planned courses that make us the professional diving school -- it’s over 40 years of experience and know-how!

     Our classes are small and personalized. Student to Instructor/Divemaster ratio is usually 2:1. If you need extra training in the class or pool, we will gladly provide it to you at no extra charge.

Can’t make one of our regularly scheduled classes? We can design a class around your schedule.  Take the open water program with a friend, and we will schedule that class based upon your availability!

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