Grand Cayman Island

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Compared with its tiny sisters, Grand Cayman is a party island. As the largest and by far the most active of the three islands, Grand Cayman attracts 99 percent of the tourists, most of whom flock to beautiful 7 Mile Beach. The capital, George Town, is the center of trade and government. Filled with charm and historic buildings, it is the 5th largest financial center in the world. The city will also tempt you with its duty free shopping and trendy shops, or you can simply roam it's charming streets which are flanked by traditional Cayman style homes.

But mostly Grand Cayman remains unchanged. The diving is still absolutely incredible - you'll swear you've taken a plunge into a pet shop fish tank. The gentle stingrays still gather at Stingray City and wait to be fed by locals and tourists alike. Rum Point, a cozy beach bar overlooking the North Sound, still serves up Cayman's cinnamony rum punches. And you can still spend an entire day lazing in a hammock or floating in azure waters as calm and clear as your hotel swimming pool.

During most sunlight hours you'll be water-bound - hoisting your gear onto an early morning diveboat or positioning yourselves for optimal tanning on a decadent stretch of Sevenwaverunner Mile Beach. On Grand Cayman, most hotels offer a watersports or dive shop. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of watersports including jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, banana boat rides, snorkeling and more ! Landlubbers can jog, cycle, weight train, indulge in a game of tennis, or play a round of golf at one of the islands 3 golf courses.

A day of exploring in a rental car is a must. Rent a car or jeep and head north to the town of Hell,explore the island in a jeep complete with its own velour-clad devil, before zipping over to the turtle farm with its huge terrapins and thousands of turtles.

Grand Cayman's sparsely populated East End will refresh you with long stretches of craggy coast. In Savannah, the oldest island structure is a castle rumored to have been built by pirates two centuries ago. Stop by the blowholes for some awesome pictures of the water shooting up in a large geyser through the iron-shore.

Nights in Grand Cayman are laid-back. Those who don't have an early morning dive gravitate to one of the islands niteclubs or pubs. Try the Lone Star Bar & Grill with its 104-shot menu and Tex Mex fare, or enjoy one of the islands fabulous sunsets from your seaside table at Paradise Bar and Grill. If you crave some romantic dining head to The Wharf where you can watch the nightly feeding of the huge Tarpons, or to Lantana's restaurant for nouvelle Southwestern cuisine. From fast food to fine dining, there are many excellent restaurants on the island offering a wide range of cuisine for all budgets.

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