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James L. Cook

     “I am sometimes asked, by divers who have been diving for some period of time, if the Advanced Open Water Diver Program is worth taking. I often hear things like, "I have been doing boat dives for a long time."  You can also substitute the word wreck, deep, decompression, low visibility, or any of several other words in this question. 

     Doing it and doing it properly and safely are two different things.

     I encourage everyone to get proper training for whatever kind of diving they are going to do.  Each level of diving is a building block to go on to the next level.  You cannot become a Master Diver, Divemaster, or Instructor without going through all the steps to get there. We can all gain something from taking additional dive training programs regardless of our level of experience!

     Dive within your comfort zone and limits of your training, not within the limits someone else wants you to meet.”                                                                                                    
                                                                     Jim Cook, NAUI Instructor # 30063 / SSI #7207

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