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Careers in Diving

Make Diving Your Business

Sport Diving is America's Fastest Growing Sport!

     Every day thousands of new people are discovering the fun and excitement of going underwater.  Most every vacation planned includes scuba diving.  Scuba diving has also become very important for the scientist and engineer as well.  This interest and demand is what is making scuba diving big business. 

     If you are diving for pleasure now, why not make a business out of it.  Why not join the ranks of the professionals?  Why not become a dive shop operator or a diving instructor? Learn from the professionals at Underwater Adventures.

Careers in Teaching Diving

     If your interests are in the education field, why not become a NAUI or PADI or SSI or TDI instructor?  Underwater Adventures offers the finest in certifying programs that will prepare you for employment full time or part time in a very exciting and rewarding profession.

     Regulator Repair? Underwater Adventures offers Equipment Repair Specialist Programs, which include repair training in dry suits, regulators, tanks, valves, and spear guns.

     Are your interests in commercial diving?  Let Underwater Adventures guide you in the proper direction toward commercial diver training.

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